My Aunties are on a billboard, staring at all of you as you pass on by...

February 2023

I make art because I don't know how else to navigate this world.

December 2022

Christmas RomComs perpetuate Systematic White Supremacy and Gender Norms but I love watching them anyways.

November 2022

I'm not an apathetic voter, I'm just jaded.

July 2022

A reflection on NASA's glamour shots of the universe and how it is a sign for people who reason.

June 2022

A meditation on the search for the most perfect piece of paper ephemera, and why it is an impossible task.

May 2022

A speech I gave last weekend, and I think we could all use, graduating or not.

March 2022

I'm ready to be thrilled, again.

January 2022

A reminder of how photographs of the Brown Body are precious.

December 2021

Christmastime as exotic fantasy and collective pretend play.

November 2021

Looking Up and Looking Down in an Adirondacks Autumn

October 2021

How I imagine I see them as they see an imagined me...